Waldorf-inspired Little Farm Preschool in Seattle
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Our School & Our Philosophy

Children feeding goats at Little Farm Preschool

“We love Little Farm Preschool! A beautiful space for my little girl to explore and to connect to nature. Teacher Tamara has such a happy, loving, spirit and we are blessed to have her be part of our little girl’s life.”
– Marjorie Miller

Little Farm Preschool is located in Northwest Seattle on a half acre award winning urban farm, just north of Carkeek Park. Children have the opportunity to experience a real urban farm, milking goats, growing plants, collecting eggs, feeding bunnies and doing farm chores. We also do projects in the 900 square foot vegetable garden where we grow some of the food the children eat at mealtime.

Children spend two hours of the morning outside, in all weather, and two hours indoors until pick-up. The play yard and playroom include many physical and social opportunities for development.

Class size less than 5:1 (students to teachers).

The school year runs from mid-September to June, from 9:00am – 1:00pm Tues, Wed, Thurs. Full calendar ››

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be brilliant, read them lots of fairy tales.” – Albert Einstein

Our Philosophy

Two girls laughing and playing with goat at Little Farm PreschoolEverything we learn in our lifetime comes to us through our senses: touch, sight, scent, sounds as well as our more delicate perceptive senses such as our own body awareness, awareness of others, and sensing boundaries, both inner and social. These senses come through our body, and this is the “work” of the preschool age child: to develop a healthy, perceptive body through physical movement and social exploration.

The work of the child is done through play. When playing, children are “doing”; through play children are learning to cooperate and work together; through play children learn their abilities and limitations — they learn to *excel. We believe that children excel when they are drawn forward, out into the world through curiosity and willingness, then allowed space to experience the wonder and question of the world and each other. We foster this development by providing an intentional environment rich for the senses.

Two children playing in the mud pool at Little Farm preschool The teachers guide the children delicately through this with role modeling, practical play and storytelling, which is a corner-stone in the curriculum. Our school and activities are designed to provide a rich and safe environment for children to experience and develop socially and physically. We have an intentional rhythm to the day which expands and contracts to hold the children through both free play (expanding) and more structured activities (contracting) such as story, baking buns, painting, coloring, grinding grain, circle time and clean up, etc.

Little Farm Preschool is a Waldorf-inspired, child-based curriculum, which fosters healthy, age appropriate development in a safe and loving environment. The preschool age child lives open to the world, very much in the present, and learns through the body. Our intention is to foster this development with intention and a deep understanding of age appropriate learning.

* Excel in the context of a preschooler is to develop one’s own interest and abilities with passion, openness and curiosity — not to become proficient by society’s standards.

“The joy and wonder of simple things is a childhood gift, from this joy and wonder spring the gifts we bring to the world as adults.” – Tamara Lee

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