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Employment Opportunities at Little Farm

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Class Assistant
Farm Help

Email or send your inquiries to Tamara. References are important.

Class assistant

We are looking for an assistant teacher to begin part-time in September 2017. This is an entry level position. The candidate should have early childhood training, experience in the classroom/working with children, or be currently enrolled in an EC training program. Waldorf EC training is preferable.

Some of the qualities we are looking for:

  • Reliable, stable, sturdy constitution. It’s important to be here on schedule for consistency with your colleagues and the children!
  • Quietly energetic, warm, positive, supportive individual who enjoys guiding children toward discovery. Warm and cozy, personable with children while maintaining authority.
  • Be comfortable with all weather conditions outdoors, and have appropriate gear. Loves mud, and letting children explore in all the slippy-sloppy delights of muddiness.
  • Present themselves responsibly in forms of attire and language in consideration of children and families: clean, tidy, orderly clothing. Candidate can comfortably engage with the parent community responsibly as a representative of Little Farm Preschool and understands professional boundaries.
  • Looking for someone with long-term aspirations of working with 3-5 year old children. Preferably able to commit for up to 2+ years at Little Farm, minimum commitment: Sept 2017 – June 2018. Potential for advancement for the right person.

Position Requirements

Tuesday – Friday from 8:45 – 1:15. We have class holidays throughout the year; these are unpaid time unless other farm labor activities are engaged.

Tasks may include: cleaning up muddy preschool gear, weeding/raking/feeding animals/singing/dancing/helping children onto swings/worm hunting/popcorn making/potty duty/cleaning dishes/folding napkins/mopping floors/consoling sad preschoolers/booboo care/fire building/story telling/handwork (finger knitting, wet felting, soap making, candle making) … etc. It is nearly impossible to list all of the fun things we have the opportunity to do with and for the children. All activities reflect caregivers as being an adult worthy of imitating.

  • Ability to lift 40 pounds, carry an average preschool for short periods of time when needed.
  • Remain outdoors for 2 hours regardless of weather: wet, cold, hot or ‘just right’.
  • Candidate must have the intention, at a minimum, to know they can commit for the academic school year. Mid-September 2017 through Mid-June 2018. There is the possibility to work summer camps in addition to the preschool year.
  • Pass a police background check.
  • Provide credible work and personal references.
  • Either have a current First Aid card or be willingness to get one.
  • Starting pay DOE between $14 – $16/hour

Farm Helpers

We are looking for individuals able to work as farm labor 1 to 4 times per month. Little Farm Preschool has many varied labor tasks that need doing, some of which include:

  • Mucking out the goat stalls and paddocks
  • Loading hay bales into the hayloft
  • Cleaning the gutters on the barn
  • Moving wheelbarrow loads of woodchips, soil and sand
  • Weeding the garden, raking, hauling yard waste cans around
  • Mowing the lawns
  • Clean chicken/duck coops
  • Painting outbuildings
  • Stacking firewood
  • Possibility of animal caretaking occasionally: feeding, watering, milking
  • Many random maintenance tasks

Most of the tasks require strength and basic work skills and work ethic. I prefer individuals experienced with labor who can focus and get the work done efficiently. Days of work range from 2–6 hours. This is not a training position, I expect individuals who know basic yard maintenance skills.

I can provide tools. You must have gloves and work boots. It’s preferable if you have and use your own tools (especially pruning shears).

Pay depends on experience. $14 – $20/hour. No companies please, I prefer working with the individuals that actually do the work.

Days of work may be Monday, Friday, or weekends.

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